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Bring your projects to life by hiring a management or development team of experts in a very similar time zone. Businesses can save, on average, between 25% to 40% on development costs by hiring Nearshore IT services.

Your IT partner next door

Businesses and start-ups around the world have long been outsourcing their software development needs, due to the considerable advantages it offers.


At Alter Solutions, we deliver Nearshore and full remote projects wherever you are and whatever your IT need is.

What is Nearshore IT Outsourcing?

Nearshoring means hiring an IT partner in a nearby country. Nearshore teams work in the same or very similar time zone as the Client's, and share working culture values.


It is an IT Outsourcing model with no language barriers and with cost savings, without compromising on quality. Ready to know more about the advantages of Nearshore IT and the services Alter Solutions provides?

Java Developer working in our Nearshore centre in Lisbon

Our IT Nearshore centres

Portugal, Poland and Morocco are from where several of our experts collaborate with clients across Europe. We honor the Nearshore DNA by providing:

  • Adapted work methodologies
  • Tailored project management
  • Real-time adjustments of projects and teams
  • A common language - we speak English, French, German, Spanish… you name it!

What our clients say

Nearshoring helps companies quickly scale their operations and stay competitive.

AGROLAB's trust in Alter Solutions as their IT partner is a result of this.

Our experience enabled them to expand their internal IT teams at a lower cost and with high flexibility, bypassing the difficulties of directly hiring software engineers and developers.

Nearshore Advantages

Reduce your costs

You can save, on average, between 25% to 40% on development costs by hiring Nearshore IT services.

Geographical proximity

It facilitates on-site visits, when compared to Offshore. Also, enjoy the same or very similar time zone.

Large pool of skilled talent

Benefit from highly qualified IT professionals and from how easy it is to resize your team as needed.

Culture and language alignment

Your team is guaranteed to share the same work values and mentality, as well as fluency in English, French or German.

Expansion into new markets

More opportunities to grow and more knowledge on how other cultures operate.

New and diverse mindsets

Get to know new people, cultures, ideas and points of view to which you may not have been exposed otherwise.

Why Nearshore in Portugal?

Highly skilled experts

With offices in Lisbon and Porto, Alter Solutions’ Nearshore IT Centre gathers over 500 highly skilled IT professionals, who collectively hold over 750 technology and project management certifications. The Portuguese are also in the Worldwide and European Top 10 in English proficiency.


Reduced IT costs

The average Software Developer salary in Portugal is significantly lower than in other countries. Develop your product while saving costs and without compromising quality.


Social and political stability

Portugal is the 6th most peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. It has witnessed social and political stability for the past decades and is considered a symbol of EU recovery.

Why Nearshore in Poland?

A global talent hub

The talent pool in Eastern Europe counts over 1 million IT specialists and almost 30% of them are in Poland. The country also has a growing number of award-winning and highly skilled developers, whose average annual salary is significantly lower than the EU average.


Accessible location

Poland has a time difference of only 1 hour from most countries in Europe. It is geographically close to most countries in Central Europe and is fully equipped with 15 international airports and an extended network of affordable flights.


Economic potential

Poland is considered the most successful economy in Europe, since it has, since 1989, increased its GDP per capita by almost 150%, more than any other country on the continent.

Why Nearshore in Morocco?

Proficiency in French

Morocco is known for its skilled professionals proficient in several languages, including French, making it an ideal destination for Francophone companies in Europe, by providing easy and fluid communication.


Equivalent education system

The Moroccan education system is similar to the French one, due to strong collaboration between both countries. In addition, Morocco is recognised for its excellent level of higher education in IT and engineering.


Financial advantages

IT outsourcing in Morocco is (at least) 20% cheaper than in Eastern European countries. Compared to France, it is possible to save 30% to 40% when developing an IT project, while maintaining the same quality standards.

Our Nearshore services

Alter Solutions offers tailor-made Nearshore IT Outsourcing services to effectively meet challenges and needs of your project.

Team extension

Strengthen your own team with our IT experts.

End-to-end teams

Assemble a team for the complete development of your project.

Project development

Use our technology and business expertise to make your projects come to life, without setting up a permanent development team.

Operations teams

We provide support and take care of your systems and infrastructure for you.

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