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About IT Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?
Onshore outsourcing means hiring a partner located in the country of origin of the company you hire. This format allows several advantages, such as the fact that the Customer has access to a team of qualified engineers who share their time zone, language and culture.
Outsourcing at Alter Solutions

Our teams combine the experience of senior engineers with the dynamism and creativity of young professionals, resulting in multidisciplinary and flexible partnerships that benefit the Client. The engineers on our team are educated at top universities and have access to many hours of training per year, which means they have even more skills now than they did when you started reading this page.


At Alter Solutions, we adapt to each Client and project: 

  • Adapted Work Methodologies – we adapt to the work method of each Client, providing greater comfort and alignment between the parties; 
  • Tailor-made Project Management – the Client can leave his project with us or manage it directly; 
  • Live Projects & Teams – projects have different needs at different times: the configuration of our team can be quickly and easily adapted at any stage of the process; 
  • Shared Language – communication is simpler when everyone involved communicates in the same language. Our teams have professionals with strong language skills, including English, French, German and Portuguese, among many others. 
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