Alter Solutions offers comprehensive operational cybersecurity, from preemptive measures  to real-time threat detection. With our expertise, we ensure your digital assets remain secure and uncompromised.

 Alter Solutions' security incident response line: +33 1 87 66 97 36

Our Cyberdefence services

Managed SOC

With Alter Solutions' Managed SOC offering, we provide you with a comprehensive security incident detection and response service. We draw on the latest technological advances (UEBA, Machine Learning) and our experience to improve your detection capabilities, speed up your incident response and reduce your costs.

Vulnerability & Compliance Management

Our extensive knowledge in vulnerability and compliance management, combined with a proven methodology and top-notch solutions available, means we can deliver a comprehensive and real-time assessment of your exposure to cybersecurity risks, and a clearer understanding of priorities for remediation actions.

Incident Response

Our Incident Response service is primed to act swiftly against unexpected cyber threats, reducing their impact and restoring systems to full operational capability with expertise and diligence.

Why adopt a Cyberdefence strategy?

Alter Solutions cyberdefence consultant working on a risk management project for a client
Threat prevention
Employ advanced techniques and intelligence to preemptively identify potential threats, ensuring risks are neutralised before they can compromise your digital environment.
Risk management

Systematically assess and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, providing a robust framework for effective risk management in your digital ecosystem.

Cost efficiency

Want to avoid unnecessary financial losses caused by data breaches and other security incidents? Then bet on a proactive and robust Cyberdefence strategy.

Business continuity
Ensure business continuity by swiftly detecting and neutralising threats, while also facilitating rapid recovery, preventing prolonged disruptions that can halt operations and impact revenue.

It’s a win-win situation: avoid penalties and legal ramifications while building trust with your clients by demonstrating that your business is in line with relevant regulations and standards (GDPR, ISO 27005, etc.).

Our experts are certified

Cybersecurity expert analysing an infrastructure incident

Managed SOC

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