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To enable you to elevate and sustain your Information Security System (ISS) posture, we help you to translate your company's strategic guidelines into action, to define, implement and develop a security approach based on your operational risks.

Our Cybersecurity Management services

Cybersecurity consultant performing a risk analysis

We assist you in building a customised roadmap, defining relevant KPIs, and creating dashboards to manage them. Additionally, we support you in deploying or improving your Information Security Management System (ISMS), ensuring its operational coherence with your Information System Security Policy (ISSP).

We guide you in identifying, mapping, and controlling your operational risks, relying on recognised methodological and normative frameworks such as ISO 27005, EBIOS 2010, and EBIOS RM.

We support your organisation in defining a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy, including the implementation of business continuity and disaster recovery plans (BCP/DRP) tailored to your business challenges.

Benefit from our expertise in cybersecurity and software engineering. By leveraging reference frameworks for agility at scale, we integrate robust and sustainable security measures into every phase of your project, without compromising the flexibility and speed that are key to your project's success.

We provide our expertise to navigate the complex regulatory and normative landscape affecting your information systems, covering frameworks such as GDPR, the Military Programming Law (LPM), General Security Regulations (RGS), the NIS 2 directive, and the PCI-DSS standard.

We deploy information systems security awareness and training programs aimed at equipping your employees with the skills necessary to act as the first line of defense on behalf of your organisation.

We offer multidimensional support to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), covering the development of security strategies, training, strategic advice, and daily operational support.

Network servers are part of Alter Solutions' IT infrastructure, which is NIS 2 compliant

NIS 2 Compliance Consulting

Alter Solutions can provide all the useful information and services regarding the NIS 2 Directive, so that companies across different sectors can comply with the EU cybersecurity legislation.

Why make ISS Management your priority?

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Data security

Preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your data and intellectual property by ensuring authorised and secure access.

Simplify compliance of your information systems in complex and evolving regulatory and normative environments.
Continuity and resilience
Prepare for risks and cyber threats. With strong strategies in backup, crisis management, and incident response, you not only reduce system interruptions, but also ensure a quick and effective recovery of your activities.
Agile and security, ready to scale
Balance agility and security in your projects while maintaining the flexibility needed to scale with confidence.
Reputation and competitive advantage
Enhance your customers' trust by ensuring the security of their data. Become a reliable partner and stand out from your competitors.

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