Security management

To enable you to raise and maintain your security policy in the long term, we support you in defining your company's strategic guidelines and in defining, implementing and developing a security approach based on your operational risks.

What organizational scope do you want to address?

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  • Ensuring IS governance: master plan, indicators and dashboards, ISMS, ISSP;
  • Managing IS risks, carrying out risk analyses based on reference standards and methodologies (ISO 27005, EBIOS 2010, EBIOS RM);
  • Building and strengthening resilience, defining business continuity and recovery strategies
  • Implementing and managing the inclusion of security in Agile projects;
  • Ensuring compliance and certification of your IS (GDPR, Military Programming Law, Data Security Rules, NIS, PCI-DSS, etc.);
  • Raising awareness about and providing in ISS;
  • Providing support to CISOs.

Our experts are certified

Why choose Alter?


To provide guarantees and consolidate the trust that our clients place in us, Alter Solutions has implemented a labelling process for our services and resources. RGS (General security baseline) PASSI (IS security audit services provider) qualification is the first milestone in this strategy.


Developing and maintaining a high level of expertise is one of our main objectives. We are fostering communities of in-house experts that complement Alter Solutions’ cybersecurity services. In addition to our intelligence and innovation budget, we train and certify our consultants and auditors with the best cybersecurity organisations.

Local presence

We operate in 11 countries, so we are always on hand to assist you, with project and assignment management in your own language if needed, by supplying the skills and resources of all our European teams.
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