Did you know that Morocco has been gaining ground as one of the top destinations for European businesses to establish their Nearshore services? Discover all the perks of this North African pearl.



IT outsourcing in Morocco is (at least) 20% cheaper than in Eastern European countries, whose prices are already around 20% lower than the ones in Western European countries. Comparing to France, for example, it is possible to save 30% to 40% when developing an IT project, while maintaining the same quality standards.

This happens because salaries and operation expenses in Morocco are lower compared to Europe, but also to other countries in the region. This is the ideal scenario for effectively meeting the IT needs of European companies, while reducing costs, increasing profits and focusing on other key areas of their business.

In recent years, there has also been a notorious effort to improve business conditions and experience to foreign companies who want to set foot in Morocco. Apart from providing opportunities of financial assistance, the Moroccan government has also implemented several measures to reduce and simplify administrative and bureaucratic processes – one of the main reasons why Morocco is ranked 53 on the World Bank’s Doing Business Index (data from 2020), having evolved from the position 130 in 2009.



Located at the crossroads of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Morocco’s unique and strategic position offers several benefits to companies looking to set their Nearshore services there.

With only 15km separating Europe from the Kingdom of Morocco, and a time difference of 1 or 2 hours from cities like Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin, or Geneva, Morocco is way passed being an offshore destination, as it is now a Nearshore asset for European businesses who want to set foot in a new continent. This allows Moroccan IT experts to work nearly the same hours as their European counterparts, which is another reason why real-time communication is so easy.

Air connectivity is quick and easy, since flying time from most European countries won’t exceed 3 hours. This means that face-to-face meetings between clients and their development teams can happen regularly.



Because of its history, Morocco benefits from a multilingual population proficient in French. This is one of the reasons why Morocco is a prime Nearshore target for Europe’s francophone businesses, since communication is greatly facilitated. Moroccan professionals also speak great Arabic, English and Spanish.

That’s why Morocco enjoys such a rich cultural landscape and shares cultural affinity with different regions and countries.



The teaching system in Morocco is very similar to that in France, both in terms of curriculum and structure. This compatibility translates into an academic bond between both countries, meaning partnerships between Moroccan and French universities, who offer joint programs, exchange experiences, among others.

Additionally, Morocco is known for its top-level IT and Engineering education, resulting in a highly skilled talent pool in areas like software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, quality assurance, artificial intelligence, among others.



The country has been actively investing in developing its IT infrastructure, namely hosting services, internet high-speed connectivity and data center market, which is expected to reach $73 million in revenue by 2027.

Morocco has also been establishing its very own technological hubs and centers – à la Silicon Valley – to attract and support IT-driven businesses. Among them are the Casablanca Technopark, Casanearshore, Rabat Technopolis and the Emerging Business Factory.

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