When choosing your Nearshore partner, one of the key aspects to take into consideration is their geographical location. In recent years, Poland has often been considered one of the top countries to establish your nearshoring services – here’s 6 reasons why:



The Polish educational system is ranked fifth in Europe and tenth in the world, with the IT area being the most popular choice for students. 

Interestingly, the talent pool in Eastern Europe counts over 1 million IT specialists and almost 30% of them are in Poland. There is also a growing number of award-winning and highly skilled developers (Harvard Business Review ranked Poland among the top 5 countries in terms of tech skills).

Additionally, the country is ranked among the best English speakers in world, which makes IT outsourcing much easier and free of communication barriers.



Lowering non-core company operations is one of the main benefits of nearshoring, so it’s naturally one of the main aspects to consider when choosing your partner.

The average annual salary of an IT specialist in Poland is 96,000 PLN (approximately €21,046), which is significantly lower than the EU average. This means you will be able to save costs in the development of your product without compromising on quality!



Poland has a time difference of only one hour from most countries in Europe, which means you and your Nearshore team can work with a large window for communication, without getting stuck waiting for answers for long periods.

Face-to-face meetings are not a problem either! Poland is geographically close to most countries in Central Europe and is fully equipped with 15 international airports and an extended network of affordable flights – this means you can travel to and from the major European cities in 1 to 3 hours.



Poland shares the cultural values of most European countries, which can facilitate rapport between teams.

Moreover, the Polish are known for being hardworking, reliable, collaborative and proactive, for having a strong work ethic and for working efficiently in remote environments.



When talking about software development, ensuring high quality ICT infrastructure is essential to assess potential Nearshore locations.

According to the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2022, Poland’s score grew slightly more than the EU average in the last year, signaling that the country is catching up with the European leaders’ numbers.



As a member of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Poland is socially, economically and politically stable, and follows European standards and regulations, for instance in terms of data protection.

The country is also considered the most successful economy in Europe, since it has, since 1989, increased its GDP per capita by almost 150%, more than any other country on the continent.

Global leading tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel or Cisco have already established Nearshore teams in Poland. Are you next?

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