NIS 2 Compliance Consulting


How can companies across different sectors prepare to comply with the most comprehensive EU cybersecurity legislation?

Alter Solutions can provide all the useful information and services regarding the NIS 2 Directive

What is the NIS 2 Directive?

NIS 2 is an EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity with two main objectives:

  • To establish guidelines for organisations that provide essential and important services, so they know how to react in the event of a cyber threat.
  • To improve collaboration between EU member states on cybersecurity matters.

By 17th October 2024, it is mandatory that EU members ensure compliance with the NIS 2 measures, in order to avoid unnecessary fines. Now is the time for companies to prepare for NIS 2.

NIS 2 Directive in numbers


Companies affected by the NIS 2 Directive


Number of sectors impacted by NIS 2


Maximum fine for non-compliant essential entities


Maximum fine for non-compliant important entities

NIS 2 compliance with Alter Solutions

We identify the essential services and processes of your company, guaranteeing the flawless implementation of all NIS 2 measures. How?
Analysis and diagnosis

We can support you from the analysis phase onwards, identifying the extent to which your company is affected by NIS 2.

At the end of this phase, we will be able to define your compliance roadmap.


Roadmap implementation

With a deep understanding of your company's security needs, we can then support you in the actual implementation of the various security measures.

Our experts can be involved to varying degrees: either as the real drivers of compliance, or as backup for your teams already in place.

We can also intervene purely and simply as auditors to come and assess your compliance projects that are already underway.


Regular monitoring

As compliance is an ongoing process, we offer to support you after NIS 2 compliance has been achieved, to ensure that the measures in place are sustainable and, if necessary, adjust them.

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with continuous support for this ongoing task, namely by:

  • ensuring that corrective measures are properly implemented.
  • conducting regular compliance audits.
Security auditors discussing compliance requirements
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Audit & Pentesting

Get to know Alter Solutions' penetration testing and Red Team services, to help you assess the exposure of systems to cyber threats and assist you in continuously improving your security posture.

Why act now?

The sooner your company acts towards ensuring NIS 2 compliance, the better. Here's why:
Group 606 Group 606-1
Avoid severe penalties and fines

By not complying with the NIS 2 Directive, essential entities can face fines of up to €10 million or at least 2% of their total annual worldwide turnover. Important entities’ fines can go as high as €7 million or at least 1.4% of their total annual worldwide turnover.

Group 609 Group 609-1
Ensure a stronger security posture

Cyber attacks are increasing in number and sophistication, which means having a robust cybersecurity strategy in place is crucial for any organisation that wants to protect their network, infrastructure and data.

Group 615 Group 615-1
Protect your operations

By preparing in advance to deal with cyber threats that may have a devastating effect on your company’s business and infrastructure, you can minimise that impact and make sure your day-to-day operations are not compromised.

Group 130-2 Group 130
Keep in mind...

Organisations with the ISO 27001 certification might be closer to compliance with NIS 2 – as well as those already compliant with the NIS 1 measures – but should remain attentive to the evolving national requirements to ensure full alignment.

Agilité et Sécurité  DAST, Vulnerability Management ou Test dIntrusion 2

Cybersecurity Management

Discover how we can assist your company in improving your risk management, cyber resilience, security awareness and training, among other critical aspects.

Sectors impacted by NIS 2

NIS 2 Sectors Infographic ENG
NIS 2 Sectors Infographic ENG-1

Next steps and deadlines



Member states must adopt the necessary measures to comply with NIS 2 by the 17th of October 2024.



The NIS Cooperation Group shall establish a peer review methodology on the 17th of January 2025.



Member states shall establish a list of essential and important entities by the 17th of April 2025.



The European Commission shall review the functioning of the NIS 2 Directive by the 17th of October 2025.

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