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Digital Transformation


We supply technological solutions and deploy organisational and human resources to respond to your transformation challenges.

We are experts in Digital

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Increasingly, companies are being shaped by a new set of digital innovations and competitive forces that are transforming business.


The need for digital transformation is challenging but also brings huge potential:

  • Collaborative planning through Agile methodologies.
  • Innovation in the relationship between client and partner, using technologies capable of accelerating the response to new realities.
  • Acquisition of more profitable and sustainable business, with delivery of software tailored to the Client's needs.


Thanks to our specialised consultancy in Digital Technologies and Software Development for different business areas, we are the right partner to support companies at the various stages of Digital Transformation.


At Alter Solutions, we are committed to personalising our service according to the client's needs.


We help companies build their transformation plan and implement the right technology for each business model or growth strategy.

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Software Delivery

Our craftsmanship culture at your service

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Cloud Computing

Building the infrastructure of the future

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Agile IT

Agility means efficiency

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Business Performance

Data-driven business

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Our business models

IT Outsourcing means hiring external service providers to ensure and deliver certain IT solutions and functions – like software development. Our Outsourcing teams combine the experience of Senior Engineers with the dynamism and creativity of young professionals, resulting in multidisciplinary and flexible partnerships that benefit the Client.

Nearshoring means hiring an IT partner in a nearby country. Nearshore teams work in the same or very similar time zone as the Client's, and share working culture values. At Alter Solutions, we honor the Nearshore DNA by providing adapted work methodologies, project management tailored to the Client, live projects & teams, and shared language.

Turnkey Projects
The Client launches a challenge. Alter Solutions' specialised teams idealise and develop the project for immediate implementation. As the word "turnkey" suggests, it means that the client can simply start using the finished product after the IT service provider develops it, considering the initial requirements and the business terms agreed upon.

Software Case Studies

Implementation of a 360º vision on the client’s platform

We developed a unified solution with consolidated information, which facilitates customer service.

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Ticketing systems renewal

We helped the client update the central system and the ticket vending machines to keep up with the evolving business and reduce future maintenance costs.

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Application for processing wind farms’ CSV files

We developed an application for EDP to extract and analyse the electricity data sent by different entities through CSV files.

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