The project

3. Looking

Risk analysis and ISS compliance

We were provided within a department dedicated to risk management and compliance of sensitive IS.
More specifically, it focuses on ISS expertise and involves:

  • Assessing the combined compliance of sensitive IS with II 901, GDPR and PPST and export rules;
  • Conducting risk analyses on these IS based on the EBIOS 2010 methodology;
  • Supporting IS managers in the implementation of corrective measures;
  • Improving the process in place, the tools, and training the junior consultants.

Keys to success

Our security expertise and an understanding of the challenges of sensitive IS.
Our ability of the service provider to interact with the managers of a wide range of IS.
Familiarity with legal frameworks (exports, privacy, national defence).
Our ability to provide feedback to decision-making bodies (CSO, CISO, export control).
Streamlining of reference systems and industrialization of tools.

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