Case Study

System and security engineering for the certification of a critical IS

Two colleagues working together at the Alter Solutions office

  • Aerospace & Defence


  • We were integrated into a project to secure an isolated IS for the "Defence & Security" domain.


The aim was to support a team in charge of maintaining security conditions and involved:

  • Implementing an automated system for auditing the compliance of the equipment;
  • Rolling out an integrity check on the servers and workstations;
  • Installing and configuring a Log Management solution. Implementing alerts, correlation rules and dashboards;
  • Rolling out and configuring a firewall, configuring software firewalls on servers and workstations;
  • Writing a library to manage users in the directory and RDBMS;
  • Rolling out a HIDS on a platform and integration on the existing one.

Keys to success

  1. Our experience in security engineering work targeting certification;
  2. Our proven expertise in securing open source systems, architecture and integration of security COTS;
  3. Our ability of the contractor to work in a matrix organization with the support of other teams (system engineering, development and configuration management);
  4. Our good communication skills to champion architecture improvement proposals.