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Case Study

Supporting operations with a team in Portugal

Business Analyst analysing project requirements

The client




  • Banking & Finance
  • Founded in 1885, in France
  • One of the largest banks in Europe and the largest retail bank in France


Being a bank with a worldwide presence and several operations and companies under its responsability, Crédit Agricole has divided its entire operation among its subsidiaries.

These range from operations-oriented development, transfers and maintaining the usability of debit and credit cards, to supporting large public and private institutions with their financial operations and products.

These operations are being migrated to Portugal and require technical profiles to provide support.


Alter Solutions' role is essentially focused on building solutions, new products and new responses to required developments.

One of the key points is the development of a Crédit Agricole ecosystem, where all cardholders’ transactions and transfers will no longer be supported by the current software program and will migrate to Crédit Agricole.




  • Java
  • Angular
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance (QA)


Increased support for the group's several international operations.