Managed SOC

A complete security incident detection and response service

The Alter Solutions' Managed SOC offering is a complete security incident detection and response service.

We leverage the latest technological advances (UEBA, Machine Learning) and our experience to improve your detection capabilities, accelerate your incident response and reduce your costs.


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 Alter Solutions' security incident response line: +33 1 87 66 97 36

Why Alter Solutions' Managed SOC?

Develop your detection and incident response capabilities

Build a powerful detection service in record time by leveraging our proven experience with processes and tools for collection, analysis, investigation and incident response.

Control your detection service deployment costs

Benefit from the resources you need at a controlled cost, including: security software solutions and their integration, operational maintenance and detection, and of course, all the cybersecurity expertise available 24/7.

Adopt an adaptable and flexible solution

With Alter Solutions' service we can orchestrate your existing security solutions to their full potential or assist you in choosing partner solutions that can best fit your security needs.


Continuous improvement of Detection rules
We constantly update our detection rules according to threat evolution and the environments of our customers.
Automatic Threat Blocking
Implementation of automatic responses on high-fidelity use cases (without false positives).
Technology Consulting
We provide our clients with our expertise in cyber defense to guide them in their technological choices.


24x7 Detection
Take advantage of our continuous detection capabilities for a fast and effective response.
The right Data, at the right Time
Advice on the collection strategy to adopt and support in its implementation.
Advanced Detection methods
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UEBA, weak signal detection, Threat Intelligence.


Alerts are automatically enriched with data allowing for context and quick response.
Deep investigation
When necessary, a manual investigation is performed by our experts to conduct an in-depth analysis and report.
Sorting of true and false positives and determination of the criticality of the alert.


Fast Response and Automated acceleration
Response performed by our experts and supported using our SOAR platform.
Incident Response Tracking
Proven incident reporting and tracking process allowing customers to track all stages of the response.

A unique platform to support Detection

Your security solutions orchestrated in a single platform

All prevention, detection and incident response solutions managed from a single platform:


Editors' freedom of choice

With Alter Solutions' Managed SOC, you have the option of bringing your own prevention, detection and incident response solutions that we integrate into our XDR, or take advantage of solutions from our partners.


Choose the service level for your needs

Components and Features

Co-managed SOC

Managed SOC Essential

Managed SOC Advanced

Managed SOC Elite

Integration of security tools (EDR, NDR, XDR, etc.)
Operational condition maintenance
Detection condition maintenance
Detection services   Business hours 24/7/365 24/7/365
Reporting   Monthly Bimonthly Weekly
Follow-up meetings   Quarterly Monthly Bimonthly
Remote incident response   Option
On-site incident response On demand


Co-Managed SOC
Managed SOC Essential
Managed SOC Advanced
Managed SOC Elite

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