Our Certifications

Alter Solutions complies with standards regarding information security management systems, cybersecurity, privacy protection, and sustainability. Find out more about each of our certifications.

 We take pride in implementing a rigorous process of labeling and certification of our services and experts, as a way to build trust with our clients.

ISO 27001 certificate
ISO 27001
The world's best-known standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which helps organisations achieve risk management, cyber-resilience and operational excellences.
The ISO 27001 certification recognises our work and effort towards information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection. Alter Solutions holds this certification in France, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.
How do our clients benefit?
  • Secure handling of data (meaning data integrity and confidentiality) 
  • Resilience to cyberattacks
  • Preparedness for new threats
  • Efficient processes
  • Ultimately, better performance and services
Find out more about ISO 27001 here.
ISO 9001 certificate
ISO 9001
A globally recognised standard for quality management. It means Alter Solutions has in place effective processes and trained staff to sucessfully and consistently deliver products or services. We are ISO 9001 certified in France, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.
What are the advantages to our clients?
  • Robust quality control processes (which means more trust and satisfaction)
  • Effective and timely complaint resolution
  • Continuous improvements (in order to boost efficiency)
Read more about ISO 9001 here.
Visa de Sécurité PASSI certification
A security VISA issued by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency). It certifies the competence and reliability of our auditors to carry out security audits for all scopes:
  • Organisational and physical audit
  • Architecture audit
  • Configuration audit
  • Code audit
  • Intrusion testing / Pentesting


What are our clients guaranteed?

  • Best audit practices and methodology
  • Secure audits
  • Auditors with the required skills and knowledge (with continuous updating)
  • Sensitive data protection and confidentiality


View our PASSI certification here.

InterCERT France logo
InterCERT France

We are part of the first-ever community of CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams) in France, which aims to empower each member to detect and respond to security incidents, while promoting collaboration between them to strengthen IT security in France.


What does it mean to our clients?

  • More efficient response to cybersecurity incidents

  • Faster access to technical information and best practices regarding growing threats

  • Support from a community of nearly 100 CERTs across the country


Learn more about InterCERT France here.

EcoVadis 2023 Sustainability Rating
EcoVadis 2023
The world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings takes four categories into account:
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Labor & Human Rights
  • Sustainable Procurement

The silver medal means Alter Solutions is in the top 15% of companies assessed.
Discover more about EcoVadis medals here.


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