Case Study

Study and benchmarking of SIEM and Datalake Cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity consultant analysing the best SIEM solutions in the market

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  • Our service addressed the customer's CSIRT department. We benchmarked the various SIEM and Datalake Cybersecurity solutions on the market in order to assess the options for improving our customer's detection capabilities.


Our remit was as follows:

  • Analysis of the current solutions;
  • Definition of improved log collection and detection;
  • Definition of the SOC/CSIRT functional requirements;
  • Creation of a specification addressing the environment and the customer's priorities by requirements weighting;
  • Market research and identification of a list of suppliers able to meet the need;
  • Management of a call for tenders with identified publishers: contact, submission of specifications and interpretation of responses;
  • Management of support to a shortlist of suppliers;
  • Drafting of an impartial and objective report presenting the conformity of each solution studied, with advice for the customer on the choice.

Keys to success

  1. Command of CSIRT technical and business issues;
  2. Our technical expertise and feedback on "Datalake" Cybersecurity and SIEM solutions;
  3. Proven experience in the creation and management of tenders;
  4. Our agnostic approach.