Case Study

End-to-end Cloud Business Portal

Cloud Architects discussing a hybrid cloud approach for the client's project

  • Automotive (German car manufacturer)


  • Developing a compliance enforcement platform for a German car manufacturer's after-sales applications.


A compliance enforcement platform was developed for a German car manufacturer's after-sales applications in collaboration with re:think Innovations GmbH.


The portal has a hierarchical role and rights assignment system and allows secure login for 800,000 users with federated single sign-on via SAML and OIDC.


The platform includes web services to retrieve users' rights and roles and is highly available 24/7.


Our experts played a key role in developing a PoC and the iterative development of a microservices-based portal solution that refactored an old monolithic on-prem system.


Our Cloud Solutions architects implemented a hybrid cloud approach with a highly available, scalable, and decoupled cloud-native architecture that is connected to the on-prem network. Our operations team provided 24/7 support using a DevOps approach, and our integration architects assisted in integrating and connecting the portal to group services.


Our roll-out team was responsible for coordinating the implementation of organizational processes, supporting managers who administer 800,000 users.


  • Access Layer
    IBM Security Access Manager, PostgreSQL on AWS Aurora, Distributed Session Caching by IBM, OIDC, SAML

  • Core Portal
    Java 8 Corretto, MySQL on AWS Aurora, OpenAppFrame, OIDC, Swagger with interfaces via XML/SOAP and JSON

  • CMS
    Java 8, MongoDB, Apache Jackrabbit / Oak

  • DevOps Toolchain
    AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Atlassian Bamboo, Allure, Selenium, Kibana, Logstash, Elasticsearch