Managed cyber security services are evolving rapidly due to the benefits they offer their customers. Cyber threats are becoming more complex every year. Security professionals are inundated with alerts from their various security solutions. This makes it increasingly difficult to manage threat detection and response with the necessary speed and efficiency.

If this is not news to you, you may already be struggling to manage the shortage of skilled personnel and budgetary resources in your company's Security Operations Centre (SOC).

These issues are driving the rapid growth of a new cyber security service, the Managed XDR (Extended Detection and Response) service.

A Managed XDR offers the right combination of advanced security technologies and human expertise for your business and strengthens your security team with the provider's expertise and know-how.

This holistic approach can be fully customised to suit company size, the existing technology and the threat exposure level.


The top 6 reasons for considering a Managed XDR:

1. Enhanced cyber security coverage

Cyber attackers (external and internal) do not work business hours - they just wait for the right moment to exploit the slightest system vulnerability. So, if full 24/7 or business hours security coverage seems impossible, the Managed XDR solution is a perfectly scalable solution, for which you do not need to recruit additional security personnel.


2. Smart budget allocation

With a Managed XDR service, you can choose the level of coverage based on the size of your business, the number of terminals and the risk levels. A security operations centre (SOC) staffed with experienced cybersecurity experts is an increasingly expensive approach, so the right Managed XDR partner can help you by expanding your existing team and strengthening their skills.


3. Protection against advanced threats

With the widespread adoption of increasingly advanced tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) by hackers and cyber criminals, the cyber threat landscape is becoming more complex every day, increasing the risk of disruption to an organisation's business and reputation. The Managed XDR service offers the most comprehensive security solution available, combining best-in-class technologies with skilled cyber security teams.


4. Reducing tool complexity

In addition to understaffed security teams and analyst burnout due to data and alert overload, companies today use a range of tools and platforms of varying degrees of suitability and complexity. The Managed XDR service aims to reduce technical and human stress by facilitating threat detection through simple integration of tools processing data from various sources.


5. The right skills at the right time - guaranteed

Using a managed XDR service ensures that you are able to address one of the main cybersecurity concerns - the difficulty of finding the right experts. By outsourcing your incident detection and response service to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), you can ensure that you have the best available expertise.


6. More scalable

XDR Managed Services can be upgraded and adapted as the security needs of your company change.


So, while many providers offer the technology and the managed service part as an add-on, with the Alter Solutions Managed XDR service you can port your existing in-house solutions, which we can integrate into our XDR, or you can leverage our expertise to select and recommend the right solution for you.


Alter Solutions Managed XDR service

If you would like to know more about Managed XDR and whether it is the right approach for your organisation, why not take a look at the Alter Solutions Managed XDR pages or schedule a call with our experts.
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