Our CSR commitments

Engaging as a company and an individual

Engaging as a company and an individual




Environmental and social factors are increasingly present in our daily lives, and some people around the world are already actively engaged in the fight against the deterioration of our environment and social conditions. However, this is not enough, as businesses have an important role to play. As an employer, we have a duty to set an example to everyone we work with: employees, suppliers, investors, associations, institutions, etc.


From an environmental perspective, we have set out to minimise our impact on the environment, notably by working towards achieving carbon neutrality in the shortest possible timeframe. By the end of 2022, we will publish the timetable associated with achieving this carbon neutrality.


From a social viewpoint, we stand firm against all forms of discrimination, inequality or harassment. This year, we would like to encourage all our employees to become actively involved in the community.


Our commitments for 2022

January 2022
Draft our first CSR report
March 2022
Select the associations we would like to work with
April 2022
Submit our BCorp file to obtain the label
September 2022
Disclose information on our timetable towards achieving carbon neutrality
December 2022
Launch our digital sobriety training course

Our key figures

This is our Gender Equality Index. The year before, it was 86.
This is the amount of donations planned for the year 2022