Case Study

Nearshore Project

Development of software apps for internal management

Tech Lead working according to the Scrum framework





  • Manufacturing
  • Founded in 1986, in Germany
  • About 1900 employees in more than 25 branch offices in Europe


Developing software applications for internal management, such as invoicing modules and other HR related processes, along with product-oriented systems for the commercial and business area.

The biggest challenge was to recreate a process already widely used by the company in its legacy system, where the end result is the generation of a report with amounts to be charged, which directly impacts the relationship with the customer, along with financial calculations with currency conversions.


Creating microservices that maintain the same rules used in the legacy system, with more modern technologies such as Java Spring, in addition to other frameworks that the language offers (mapstruct, lombok), together with JasperReport.

To ensure quality, more than 12,000 lines of automated test code were created with the Spock framework. Then, at the end of the process, a report is generated with all the information.


The Scrum framework helped us estimate and periodically review deliveries. The Board helped with tasks’ visibility, since the whole team was working remotely.


  • Java
  • Angular
  • Spring


  • Back-end Developers;
  • Management and risk profiles: Tech Leads.