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Bring your projects to life by hiring a management or development team of experts within the same time zone as yours (GMT).

Companies can save, on average, between 25% to 40% on development costs by hiring Nearshore IT services.

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Nearshore IT development in Portugal


Did you know Portugal is one of the most attractive countries in the world for IT Nearshoring?

With offices in Lisbon and Porto, Alter Solutions’ Nearshore IT Center gathers over 500 highly skilled IT professionals, who collectively hold over 750 technology and project management certifications. 

Our IT Nearshore Center

Portugal is from where several of our experts collaborate with clients across Europe. We honor the Nearshore DNA by providing:

  • Adapted work methodologies
  • Tailored project management
  • Real-time adjustments of projects and teams
  • A common language - we speak English, French, German, Spanish… you name it!
Software developer working at Alter Solutions' Lisbon office in Portugal
Business manager at the Alter Solutions Porto office

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Nearshore Advantages

Save up to 40%

You can save, on average, between 25% to 40% on development costs by hiring Nearshore IT services.

Geographical proximity

It facilitates on-site visits, when compared to Offshore. Also, enjoy the same or very similar time zone.

Large pool of skilled talent

Benefit from highly qualified IT professionals and from how easy it is to resize your team as needed.

Culture and language alignment

Your team is guaranteed to share the same work values and mentality, as well as English proficiency.

Expansion into new markets

More opportunities to grow and more knowledge on how other cultures operate.

New and diverse mindsets

Get to know new people, cultures, ideas and points of view to which you may not have been exposed otherwise.

Why Nearshore in Portugal?


Access a global talent hub

Portugal has internationally recognized teaching programs, especially in Engineering and Management.

We also host diverse talent from across the Globe, giving us a unique diversity.


Reduce your IT costs

The average Software Developer salary in Portugal is 30% lower than in the UK.

Develop your product while saving costs and without compromising quality.


Enjoy time zone, language and cultural alignment

The Portuguese are in the European Top 10 in English proficiency, Portugal shares the UK time zone (GMT), and we identify with the cultural values of most European countries.


Benefit from social and political stability

Portugal is the 6th most peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index.

Aerial view of the city of Porto and the Douro river

Alter Solutions

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Software developer for a Nearshore IT team at the Alter Solutions' Lisbon office

Alter Solutions

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Our Nearshore services

Alter Solutions Portugal
offers tailor-made
Nearshore IT Outsourcing services to effectively meet challenges and needs of your project.

Team extension

Strengthen your own team with our IT experts.

End-to-end teams

Assemble a team for the complete development of your project.

Project development

Use our technology and business expertise to make your projects come to life, without setting up a permanent development team.

Operations teams

We provide support and take care of your systems and infrastructure for you.

Step by step


Contact us and establish your goals


We'll send our proposal within 10 business days


Choose your team and methods


We assemble your team in 15 to 30 days

Your IT partner next door

Who are we?
  • Alter Solutions was born in 2006, in Versailles, and has been advocating for Digital Transformation ever since.
  • In 2022, we joined the act digital group, becoming part of a global community of talent in Technology.
  • We operate in 11 countries across Europe, America and Africa.
  • We are also certified as a Great Place to Work©.
Why are we the right Nearshore IT partner?

We are supported by worldwide experts in software development and testing, analytics, systems and support, project management, business analysis, cybersecurity, and many others.


We have a solid track across different sectors and technologies and our IT service approach is technologically agnostic - what matters is what's right for each client.


We take pride in our solution-minded attitude, our human-centric approach, and the way we adapt to our client's needs. Always.

Our Nearshore Case Studies


Our IT recruitment team carries out a thorough recruitment process, which is based on a large, international pool of candidates and extensive interviews, to determine the skills of the candidates, from know-how to soft and hard skills. 

Once a shortlist is established, clients are involved in the process to determine whether our IT professionals and developers have the skills and expertise they require. That’s when the final selection occurs, and our IT experts are assigned to the clients’ project.

This process depends on the technology required, team size, level of expertise needed, among other factors. However, it should take us, on average, 15 to 30 days to assemble your team.

Nearshore can be applied to any business, regardless of its size. We focus on providing our customers the best solution that suits each project needs.

We recommend that the startup team should have a 2 - 4 weeks training on-site, which should be agreed and defined with the client.

For the team members that will join the project later, the on-site training can be shorted, but we recommend at least 1 week so that they can know all the key contacts and relevant stakeholders.

That’s no problem at all. We understand that projects have different needs at different times, so the configuration of our team can be quickly and easily adjusted at any stage of the process.

Contact us today!


Fill in our contact form and one of our Business Managers will get back to you within 24 hours.


Alternatively, you can write us an e-mail with more information regarding your project and requirements.

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Alter Solutions Portugal offices:

Lisbon: Av. República, 18 - 13th floor - 1250-191 Lisboa
Porto: R. de Ricardo Severo, 3 - 5th floor - 4050-515 Porto


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