Case Study

Logistics Integration Solution


The client


  • Service
  • Founded in 2013
  • Also known as 360imprimir (in Portugal)
  • First Portuguese online printing company
  • Present in over 21 countries, such as Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and others.


  • Standardising the process of integrating with distributors;
  • Standardising the functionalities and interpretation of data exchanged with each distributor;
  • Creating logistics chains that can combine several distributors to ensure deliveries anywhere in the world.


The solution involved the creation of an API layer that standardises communication with any distributor.

The main interface allows the integration with several distributors worldwide, without the need for customisation depending on each distributor. This allows Bizay to offer its partners a single integration documentation with the advantage of being able to select the distributor with the best conditions, depending on the delivery location and costs.

In addition to the API solution, we have created a back-office platform, which allows Bizay to have full control over configurations and functionalities, namely:

  • Creation of logistics products;
  • Management of tracking events centralised on products;
  • Management of logistics chains;
  • Currency conversions;
  • Management of tenants;
  • Management of services;
  • Management of delivery locations;
  • Weight classes;
  • Pickup points.




  • .NET5
  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure Storage Account
  • Angular


The partners and Bizay itself now have a standardised cross-platform through which they can access services from more than 35 distributors, control these services and setup delivery locations in more than 21 countries.


Important numbers:

  • In 2022, more than 293,000 distribution services were created;
  • 24,000 mailings per month;
  • 815 dispatches per day;
  • 34 dispatches per hour;
  • 1 dispatch every 2 seconds;
  • More than 40 requests per second to our API.

Distributors integrated into the solution:

  • SSW
  • BRT
  • DPD
  • PB
  • Chronopost
  • InPost (Itália; Polónia)
  • Tootpost
  • Mondial Relay
  • Virtual
  • Paack
  • Dummy
  • Spring
  • Ceska Posta CZ
  • DHL (Express; Parcel)
  • CTT Correios
  • UPS
  • GLS (Itália, França, Irlanda)
  • TNT
  • Jadlog
  • Yodel
  • MRW
  • Estafeta
  • Instabox
  • FedEx
  • Bring
  • B2LOG

Time and resources

The project lasted for 2 years and still requires some hours for improvements and corrections. The team included:

  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist
  • 5 Back-end Developers
  • 2 Front-end Developers
  • 1 Functional Analyst
  • 1 .NET Architect




Images of the application


Distributors area:

Área Distribuidoras


Logistics chain area:

Área Cadeia Logística


Tracking codes area:

Área Tracking Codes